Korg KP3 Kaoss Pad Dynamic Effects Sampler, user reviews, user ratings, alternatives, features, etc.

The Korg KP3 Kaoss Pad Dynamic Effects Sampler is very higly rated by users.

We’ll go over the features and facts a bit later on, but first, here’s a few user comments . .

“A nice addition to any rig” . . . read more (by Nathanael Latos , Amazon).

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Contents:- Features, Pros/Cons, In use, Alternatives, Accessories, User feedback, Summary.

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“it’s amazing” . . . read more (by McDiffitt, Amazon).

“this is a great tool for many folks” . . . read more (by A Kid’s Review, Amazon).

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Korg KP3 Kaoss Pad Dynamic Effects Sampler Features

The Korg KP3 Kaoss Pad Dynamic Effects Sampler has a USB: Type B interface, MIDI: in/out, Data Storage: SD Card, and a Power Supply: DC 12V; 700mA

The Korg KP3 Kaoss Pad Dynamic Effects Sampler is intuitive, immediate, and just plain fun to use. By simply touching, tapping or sliding your finger over the touchpad, the Korg KP3 allows you to control multiple effects parameters and manipulate samples in real time. On stage or in the studio, these gestures and moves can become truly powerful and expressive performance elements. More than a processor, the KP3 is a complete instrument allowing you to manage, recall, and play back samples; sample on the fly; and add dynamic processing to any audio signal or to the samples themselves. The KP3 is an effects sampler with 128 effects, ranging from traditional effects such as delays, flangers and reverbs, to exciting new effects, like grain shifter, decimator, analog style filter with a tone-bending drive circuit and EQs controllable directly from the pad.

The KP3 offers a Secure Digital (SD) slot for loading and saving your sample data. And an editor/librarian program is included with the KP3 effects sampler so you can build libraries of samples and edit them using your computer (via USB). The new pad lighting system (64 individual LEDs) of the KP3 DJ effects sampler provides visual cues for the current program, held position, and more. This interface offers a whole new level of operator interaction.Sync’d UpThe KP3 effects sampler’s Auto BPM circuit derives tempo information from a turntable or CD player and can sync effects to play in perfect timing, while providing MIDI clock to other devices.Editor/Librarian softwareEditor/Librarian software.

A DJ Effects Sampler Beyond Effects. Instant drum grooves and RADIAS-inspired vocoder and synthesizer sounds can also be played on the X/Y pad, and, they can be synced to tempo just like the effects. Sampling and effects are integrated completely, so you can sample through the effects, and even resample the output to create powerful, multi-element sounds. Plus, you can sample and resample the synths and drums within the unit KAOSSILATOR style, to create musical phrases on the fly.

Specifications Sample Memory: Up to 16 beats x 4 pads at tempos of 73 BPM and higher Up to 8 beats x 4 pads at tempos of 72 BPM and lower 100 samples maximum when using SD card Inputs: 1/4-inch mic with trim knob; line-in (L/R RCA) Outputs: 1/4-inch headphone with volume; line-out (L/R RCA) MIDI: In/Out Dimensions: 8.27 x 8.9 x 1.93 inches (WxDxH) Weight: 2.87 pounds.

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Korg KP3 Kaoss Pad Dynamic Effects Sampler Pros/Cons.


The Korg KP3 Kaoss Pad Dynamic Effects Sampler gets an outstanding 4.6 user rating by 10 customer reviews. One user said “i have been looking into samplers for 15yrs and this is the least expensive, most fun, and easiest to use machine i have ever seen“. Users praise the intuitive ease of use, the great sounds it makes, the variety of uses, and excellent build quality.


One of the customer complaints was that the Korg KP3 has only a few synth patterns, but as users say, the Kaossilator (see our product report on that) is the one to choose if lots of synth loops is what you want.

One user said that the driver wouldn’t work with his particular computer setup, but no other users mention this kind of problem.

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Korg KP3 Kaoss Pad Dynamic Effects Sampler in use

The KP3 is said to be a great tool for a variety of situations, including with DJ equipment, keyboard, drum-machine, for recording, and other uses.

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Alternatives to the Korg KP3 Kaoss Pad

The Alternatives to the Korg KP3 Kaoss Pad Dynamic Effects Sampler include other effects pads from Korg. Slightly cheaper than the KP3 is the Korg KPQUAD Kaoss Pad Quad Dynamic Effects Processor, which does a somewhat different job, having 4 simultaneous effects (no synth lines, drum machines or sampling) controllable from the pad. At about 1/3 of the price of the KP3 (at the time of writing), the Korg MiniKP Dynamic Effects/Sampler gets an excellent 4.5 user rating (by 11 users), and is a smaller version of the KP3, and can be battery-opperated for portability.

There are (at the time of writing), 11 different Korg Kaos products, including a package of the 1 KAOSS Pad + 1 Kaossilator together, giving you the best of both, with all the great synth and drum loops of the Kaossilator, along with the stunning effects of the Kaoss.

Ableton is a different way of doing things, providing effects, live sampling, and replay of loops as well as live synthesis, from a computer-based platform. The full version is more expensive than the KP3, but provides a vastly larger range of options. The intro version is much cheaper than the KP3 and still provides vastly more flexibility (although you will need a computer to use it). Compared to the Kaoss products, it will take a lot more learning to be able to use Ableton, but the flexibility is correspondingly greater. So, if you already have a computer and don’t mind doing a little bit of learning, Ableton live Intro will enable you to do just about anything you could do on the Kaosillator and Kaos pad together, but also much more, and with much more programmability, all for less than half the price.

Other options chosen by buyers (sometimes as an addition to the KP3), which do a rather different job include small keyboard synths like the Akai Pro MPK mini, the Korg microKorg Analog Modeling Synthesizer with Vocoder (extremely highly-rated by users), the Akai Pro MINIAK Virtual Analog Synthesizer with Vocoder. Some of those offer some arpeggiating options so some of the possibilities of the Kaossilators are available, along with the much more flexible option of playing your own notes in the keyboard. Other buyers go for a stylophone for a much more retro and simple kind of instrument, or the stylophone beatbox, a combination of simple retro, with new sounds, or for somewhere in between a stylophone and a full synth, the Korg MONOTRON 16-Key Synthesizer.

Of course, the KP3 is not a standard effects processor, it is a different kind of tool all together, but if a more conventional effects processor is what you want, there are plenty of conventional signal processors to choose from, as well as guitar effects, which could be used in conjunction with a sampler and/or a drum machine, for different possibilites, and while the KP3 is a sampler, and does include some drum loops, a dedicated sampler and/or a drum machine could be used in addition to the KP3 for a wider range of possibilities.

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Accessories for the Korg KP3 Kaoss Pad Dynamic Effects Sampler

The Accessories for the Korg KP3 include the Korg Kaossilator Pro Tabletop Synthesizer (see our product report on that) for creating ever-changing loops with synths, drum patterns etc. which gets a good 4.0 rating from 8 user reviews. Users praise its ease of use and professional qualities. An alternative is the Korg Kaossilator Dynamic Phrase Synthesizer (see our product report on that) which produces loops which don’t change spontaneously.

Buyers often purchase the Korg PXPS Power Supply for PX4 Pandora Models, along with the KP3.

You might also like a microphone to use with your KP3, such as dynamic microphone, and you need a 1/4 inch plug at the end (not an XLR at both ends). The NADY SP-4C Dynamic Microphone is a low-cost microphone which comes with the correct type of cable, and gets a 4.0 user rating overall from 70 user reviews, although get a minority of user reviews saying that it is unreliable, so if you want something better rated, pay a bit more for the Behringer XM8500 Dynamic Microphone, Cardioid, which gets an excellent 4.7 overall user rating (with no negative reviews at all), plus a suitable cable such as the Pyle-Pro PPMJL15 Professional Microphone Cable (1/4” Male to XLR Female, 15 ft.) . You might also want microphone stands.

You also might need audio cables to connect your KP3 to other equipment.

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Korg KP3 Kaoss Pad Dynamic Effects Sampler user feedback

Here’s some more user comments from consumer reports by people who’ve used the Korg KP3 Kaoss Pad Dynamic Effects Sampler in practice . . .

“This is a great addition” . . . read more (by Jerry J. Cain , Amazon).

“audio quality is very good” . . . read more (by Milo, Amazon).

“This is an awesome buy” . . . read more (by buyer, Amazon).

“it work incredibly well” . . . read more (by Kyle Weber , Amazon).

“Excellent build quality” . . . read more (by NightSon , Amazon).

“build quality is nice” . . . read more (by Rudimar L. Rayos , Amazon).

“really good effects and at good prices” . . . read more (by Lemmy “A general account in elementary terms of magical and mystical powers.” , Amazon).

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Korg KP3 Kaoss Pad Dynamic Effects Sampler Summary

In summary, the Korg KP3 Kaoss Pad Dynamic Effects Sampler is extremely well-rated by users, so why not check the current Amazon price of the Korg KP3 Kaoss Pad Dynamic Effects Sampler , or see above for alternatives.

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Korg KP3 Kaoss Pad Dynamic Effects Sampler

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